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Dear Irena,

Thank you for your terrific book!

I find it precious and useful - indispensable: I literally use it every single day since I purchased it though I have been on the Internet over 3 years and consider myself quite seasoned. It's that helpful.

Tony Sweeney, York, UK

The Success Seeds:
the Entrepreneurial Bible
by Irena Whitfield (Don't know who she is? Click here to find out!

Press release is here.

The Success Seeds: the Entrepreneurial Bible

From: Irena Whitfield
RE: How to succeed in everything you touch...

Dear Success Seeker,

You are in a hurry and I am here to get you where you want to get, so I am not going to bother you with a long letter, trying to annoy you with loads of hype you can see all around.

I understand how impatient you are to achieve all of your goals, so here you will find only the facts you need to see that this Book is exactly what you need: the last missing puzzle piece to complete your journey to success both in your life and in business securing you the income you seek and the lifestyle you wish for yourself and your family.

That's why I promise that what you will learn here has the potential to change your life for prosperity once for all and it's only up to you to grab your chance now!

This Unique Book brings you all the answers and solutions you urgently need to get your business to the level you wish.

Thousands of times every single day you come across products giving you advice and secret strategies how to develop your site, how to rank your site at search engines, how to get traffic to your site, how to convert visitors into customers, and more and more.

Yet, even if you buy all the course and all the books in the world, even if you apply all the advice, you don't make money or not enough to get all you want to get, to secure long-term income guaranteeing you and your family the lifestyle you wish.

Why? Where's the mistake?
What is it I am doing wrong?

Familiar questions?
You're not alone. But to know this doesn't help, does it?

I have the answer: You need the crucial key. And I am offering it here. Grab Your Chance:

Now You Can Succeed in Everything You Touch for a Special Discounted Price: $39.95!

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This is the only place you can learn about such topics like entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, money strategies, true wealth, the right investing, your profitable business and real profit. No one has yet covered this topic in such a big detail giving you answers to questions and advice in areas like:

  • Why 95% people fail in business?

  • What makes an Entrepreneur? Are you one?

  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Can I acquire these?

  • What it takes to start a business

  • The 20 Ultimate Tricks to Success 1 Special Secret

  • The 10 Killing mistakes

  • 10 Reasons to start a business: Advantages vs Disadvantages

  • The Secret to a Stable Business long-term

  • Different streams of income

  • Leveraging your money and efforts

  • Managing money

  • How to behave moneywise

  • 10 Basic principles of Entrepreneur's Ethics

  • How to create the true wealth

  • How to remove problems from your life

  • Wealthy Entrepreneur: create your lifestyle

  • Facts about Millionaires

  • How to tell whether you know yourself

  • 7 Golden Rules to a Financial Prosperity

  • How to Stay Financially Motivated

  • Rules for Investment success

  • The traps you should avoid and most people fall into

  • You will find out the only real secret to success in your life and business

  • Lots of free items incl special quizzes, business forms like Break-Even Analysis, CashFlow Analysis and Projection, Balance Sheets, StartUp Expenses and more...

  • You will get answers and solutions to all the above PLUS

    Special free Audio: Draw Prosperity

    Recommended Resources, many free

    Recommended Tools, many free

    Recommended books, many free

    And much more...

    To read a free chapter, please click here

    By purchasing this unique Book you are giving yourself the true chance to change all of your life for the better once for all.

    Plus you will be getting all updates FREE helping you grow.

    Plus you can have 3 of my Free books of your choice customized for free and/or become an affiliate and make money.

    Plus you will get a subscription to 'Pathway To Success' and a membership in Web Lions Community, giving you access to unique Internet and Webmaster resources, Web Lions Library and special FREE services.

    All this of an immense value for unbelievable limited time $69.95 $39.95 because I want you to succeed.

    However, this is only for the second 1,000 orders only. So, don't miss your chance and download Now.

    Just imagine....

  • Now you can succeed in everything you touch.

  • Now you can have everything you want.

  • Now you can have the freedom you wish.

  • My clients and readers of Pathway To Success Ezine, over 26,000 people worldwide know that I never sell hype. I am here to help other people get where they want to get and where I have been for most of my life. I myself learned everything the hard way, testing, trying, researching, learning and learning, reading, working 15-17 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The difference between me and hype sellers:
    If you don't buy from the hype sellers, they will lose.
    If you don't buy from me, you will lose.
    The choice is yours.

    If you are ready to act, the book will save you mistakes, hypes, errors, waste of time and money, disillusion, exhaustion, will show you and help you to change your life, to make your dreams come true, to establish a substantial and long-term income, stable streams of income using the maximum leverage and create the lifestyle you imagine for yourself and your family.

    No hype, no lies, just real-life facts and experience: I don't need to sell you hype, I am devoted to helping people to build their businesses the way they wish and actually do this on a daily basis.

    Hi Irena,

    Your new book is brilliant. Thank you. I just wanted to let you know how shocked and surprised I was reading it. No one ever dared to even mention things you're talking about in the book. I must say it helps me so much, opened my eyes. I experienced big changes in my attitudes at once, simply because I can now see and realize things which I not only didn't know about but would never have thought of.

    I'm only going around recommending it to everyone I meet.

    Roger Waters, Wi

    One more little note: You canNOt get this information or anything like it anywhere else.

    Download YOUR Treasure Trove NOW And ... Get 1 More Unique Bonus

    PLUS: If after you read all the book and check the resources and tools, you will still have a question not answered, I will personally give you the answer.

    The FULL 6 Weeks' GUARANTEE of Satisfaction.

    No-Risk, No-Hassle, No-Hard-Feelings, Keep Everything You Want, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

    In case you change your mind any time during your full 6 Weeks, I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    PLUS A FREE Gift Certificate with every purchase!
    To learn more about this special Gift Certificate, Click here!

    Dear Irena,

    Thank you for the great ebook. I find it excellent, easy to understand and easy to follow. Superb!

    Brain Kerns, UK

    You can order now via secure payment server by clicking the link below. You'll be taken to a secure payment page operated by our billing processor ClickBank. You can pay by credit card or cheque. Once your credit-card payment has been validated (which takes a few seconds), you can instantly download the entire package.

    All Major Credit-Cards Accepted
    Click Here To Order This
    Unique Book Now

    For Special Discount Price $39.95
    6 Weeks' Guarantee - Instant Download

    Title: 'The Success Seeds' PLUS the Complete Set of Bonuses
    Price: US$39.95
    Compatibility: Downloadable eBook for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME & XP with Internet Explorer 4 or higher, Winzip & Acrobat Reader installed.
    Payment method: Secure ClickBank-operated credit-card payment server. All major credit-cards accepted.
    Guarantee: Full 6 Weeks money-back-guarantee.
    Delivery: Instant delivery via download from the Internet. Once your payment has been authorized (which typically takes a few seconds) you'll be immediately directed to the download page.
    Printable: Yes.
    Support: Full after-sale support is available at

    Irena Whitfield My promise to you:
    In case you have any questions, need any help, I am here to help, I am ready to assist you to get you where you yourself want to get. Never hesitate to contact me:

    Irena Whitfield

    P.S.: If you are not decided to buy now, have questions, I can offer you a special irresistible deal - send me your questions and I will personally answer them and give you a 15% discount on top!. To grab this Special Offer, Email me now!

    Note: If your email software cannot send the above, please copy and paste the below in your email:

  • To:

  • Subject: Special Entrepreneurial Deal

  • Hi Irena,

    Thank you for your ebook.

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Success Seeds. It's in an easy-to-follow layout and is a must-read for anyone who desires their own business, online or offline.

    Kind regards

    Irene Uys, South Africa
    "Best of the breed" products

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