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TrafficPlus Software

Getting 100,000 visitors to your site quickly and easily
This is the best way to build huge and continuous traffic to your site

Easy to setup, and it works forever
Never spend one more cent buy traffic any more
You can even sell your excessive traffic

You have Full Resell Rights

You can resell as many copies as you want, and keep all profit

A Good Selling Point Is

You can generate 1000 unique visitors per hour, any time without spend a cent !

Yes, 1000 visitors every hour. Any time you want visitors, just run the software.
Every website need traffic, you can sell the software easily and profit on it nicely !

And the Best Part Is

After a few months, the system can auto-pilot itself

You can get more and more explosive traffics without spending any more time on it.

This software is easy to sell, you can use it yourself, or sell it for profit.

Every website need traffic, your potential customers are

1000's of new websites launched everyday, and 1,000,000's of existing websites

Assume you only sell 10 copies a day, at price of $15.95 each. Your monthly income will be $4785 (=30x10x15.95), Wow !!!


Every Website Need Traffic

You and every webmaster may have the same problem

You may have the best website and excellent product and tried your best to promot them, e.g. ...optiomize meta tag, submit to search engine, announcement, FFA pages, etc... No matter what you do, you still don't see traffic.

So you start buying traffic, but when the campaign is over, your traffic drop back You have to buy traffic again and again and again ...

How can you increase traffic rapidly, quickly, easily whithout buying them?

TrafficPlus software can help you

You can setup everything in less than one hour, then go to 'Get Free Traffic' menu to get endless free traffic. The traffic you get is many real people visit your site for at least 30 seconds.

This is very high quality traffic, and you can get as many traffic as you want.
The system can generate traffic for you automatically and it works forever !

You don't have to buy traffic any more. You can even sell your excessive traffic to others!

How to use TrafficPlus software

1. Setup Traffic Source

You can signup banner exchange, traffic exchange, and automated traffic system. It's up to you what and how many exchanges to signup, after signup, please enter your ID in to the box below it.

2. Whenever you need traffic

You can use 'Get Free Traffic' menu to get free traffic to your site immediately.

3. Check your traffic status

You can use 'Status' menu to check status, assign credit, redirect URLs, etc...

4. Want to resell the software

You can simply resell the software as you bought,
You can also repackage software to include your IDs, detail see 'Reseller' menu.

5. Kill PopUp/PopUnder windows

Check the 'Kill Popup' box, and system will automatically kill them all.
Click any 'Setup Traffic' menu item will automatically turn KillPopUp off, because some site use popup as message window. Click any 'Get Traffic' menu item will automatically turn KillPopUp on, because you don't want to see popup windows at this time.

6. How to get 1000 visitors in one hour

The software have 18 traffic exchanges, 6 use startpage and 12 use websurfer.

Those traffic exchanges normally need you stay on the site for 20-30 seconds. For every two pages you viewed, they will in exchange send a visitor to view your site.

If we use 25 seconds as average delay for each site, each traffic exchange can generate 60/25/2=1.2 visitor for you every minute. If you open all 18 exchanges, you get 18x60x1.2=1296 visitors every hour.

Please note that all those 1296 visitors won't be send to your site during that hour. You may need to assign traffic credit to your site, before some exchange send you visitors. It may take several hours for all the exchanges to send you all the traffics.

7. How to auto-pilot the system

Marketing this software and sell the software to others. While helping others with their traffic, you buildup your downline. You earn a percentage of traffic from many level of your downlines. When you have many downlines, you can get enough traffic without doing anything.

To Download Your Copy Now For Only $15.95

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