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"If You Donít Know All About Licensing Reprint Rights, You Could Be Passing Up An Enormous Part Of Your Annual Income"

Get ready for what experts are calling
"the best cash generator in years!"

Dear Home Business Owner, 

Have you ever tried to create your own product? I mean any kind of product - an information product, some new kind of widget, whatever. It wasnít easy, was it? But youíre probably always looking for more things to sell to your customers. The more quality products you have to sell, the more money you can make. So where do you get great products? 

Iím going to tell you how you can get a stack of great, profit-producing products instantly (yes, I mean instantly). Hereís the story... 

About three years ago I went to a talk given by a well-known marketer. He was talking about "licensing", which is also known as "buying reprint rights" or "buying resale rights". By the end of his talk, I understood a little bit about licensing, but I had no idea why I should be using it. I wound up doing nothing at all about licensing. What a mistake! 

Then about a year ago, I finally realized what Iíd been missing. It became so obvious! You know that old saying "When the student is ready, the master will appear?" Well, the master of licensing finally appeared to me. 


Very briefly, hereís the idea behind licensing. You pay the owner of an information product (or any other product for that matter) a modest amount of money. In return, the owner of the information product allows you to make as many copies of the product as youíd like. You can then sell them at full retail price and keep all the money! 

For example, one license I bought was for Brent Robert'sí superb
e-book called ďBlack Belt Web Marketing"
Now that Iíve paid Brent for the license, I can make as many copies of his e-book as Iíd like.  I sell them at the full retail price of $39 each or more if I want. I keep every penny of that $39. Brent doesnít get another dime.....

Well then whatís the benefit to Brent? He got the licensing fee up front. His reputation also continues to grow because as I sell more and more of his courses, more and more people get to know how good he is at what he does.


For a very reasonable amount of money, I was able to get a superb information product, all ready to go. I got masters of the e-book. I got a powerful sales website, marketing ideas - the works! The day I got the package from Brent, I was ready to go. I didnít have to do a thing. 

It probably would have taken me time to put together that package and this way I could devote the time to something else. Plus, I can make a bundle selling the course! Licensing can be a great deal for both people. 


Now thatís just a very quick explanation. If you donít get the idea behind licensing - or you donít see how it can benefit you - youíre not alone. Many, no probably most people donít understand it...and they donít take the small amount of time needed to learn about it. Without even knowing it, thousands and thousands of dollars pass them by every year.

Once I understood how important licensing could be to my business, I started sucking up licenses as quickly as I could.

I was able to prove to myself how valuable those licenses are. Just one license was able to return more money to me than I had paid for all the other licenses combined. Thatís right... My license's has returned thousands of dollars in pure profits so far (I paid a tiny fraction of that for the license). And itís not over yet. Not by a long shot! 


I was foolish. I turned my back on the whole idea of licensing for years, simply because I didnít understand it. I donít want you to make the same mistake. 

I was talking to Dr. Hartunian the other day and he was all WOW about his experiences with licensing products.  He's made a fortune using this powerful strategy.  What finally came out of this long discussion was "Building Wealth with Licensing" in which Dr. Hartunian decided to spill the beans on how he's made a fortune in this lucrative business. So why learn from the school of hard knocks when you can get his road map to "Building Wealth with Licensing ". 

He'll let you in on practically everything thatís taken me years to learn, such as: 

  • Exactly what licensing is and how it can become the most profitable part of your business 

  • The step-by-step process of licensing (itís a whole lot easier than it sounds) 

  • The best places to look for products to license 

  • Precisely how he's used licensing to build his business into one of the largest publishing-on-demand businesses in the country (you can use this as an exact model for your business) 

  • How to get FREE marketing materials with your license 

  • How to decide which licenses are winners and which are dead losers 

  • What had better be in the license agreement...and what you definitely donít want in the agreement 

  • How to get FREE, high quality mailing lists to use to sell your products 

  • How to create an entire "back-end" for your business, using nothing but licensed products 

  • How to get your name known around the world with one simple licensing technique (this is probably the most exciting technique he's ever used) 

  • How to know if thereís a market for a product before you license it 

  • How to have a brand new product produced for you at very little cost 

  • The dangerous licensing traps you can fall into (donít worry, heíll show you how to avoid every one of them) 

Youíve got to understand the power behind licensing. It can make an enormous difference in your bottom line. I donít care what business youíre in, youíve got to find out about licensing. I canít imagine a business that couldnít make money using licensing. 

You may even own a product you want to license to others. Youíve decided that you donít want to sell your product one at a time. Youíd rather make a fast bundle, up front, by selling licenses and then letting other people sell your product one at a time. (Be sure to let me know about your product. Iím always looking to buy good licenses. I've acquired a large arsenal of great reprint right packages, because they have the potential to return thousands of dollars in profits.

Anyway, hereís the deal:

On this powerful audio program,

Building Wealth With Licensing  

Youíll learn everything you need to know to get going very quickly. Youíll learn all the ins and outs. Just one tip can save you hundreds of times the cost of the audio series.


But I donít want you to just have the information. I want you to have everything you need to get up and running. So, along with the audio series, Iím going to give you...

"A Lifetime License To This very Audio Series And Web Site"

You will get the Resale and Distribution Rights to the entire "Building Wealth With Licensing" audio series.

This comprehensive audio series is packed with money making secrets from the MASTER of Free Publicity, Paul Hartunian, who sold the Brooklyn Bridge legally for Millions!

The Series can be used as a premium, bonus, lead generator, extra gifts for people who buy from you...whatever! It is yours to use the way youíd like!!!

Will you get rich with this product? Will you be able to retire by next Thursday? No. But it will give you an excellent start in licensing. It will be your first license product - the first of many, Iím sure. 

The price for this whole package - the Audio Series that will teach you all you need to know about licensing PLUS lifetime reprint licenses for the "Building Wealth With Licensing" audio series and web site is just $57.77.00

But If You Order TODAY.....

I'll add an electronic copy of the e-book ďBlack Belt Web Marketing" - Internet marketing classic. Can you believe I'm giving away over 370 pages of my best marketing secrets, tips and techniques for free, when you order today!

You pay just $57.77. Thatís it.

How good can a $57.77 license package be? Good question .... A lot of times low price means low quality. But sometime, you get incredible value for a little money. I always over-deliver on my promises. This is no exception. 


To make it easier for you I want to limit your competition and sell only 500 pieces of this package. After the 500 pieces are gone, there will not be resale rights to this package included any more!


"*Niche Sites* Developer Info eGuide" : there are 8 Manuals enclosed that form the Core of the eGuide showing you how to build your niche empire fast and profitably without making unnecessary mistakes.

  • PLUS you can free register to the Members Area where the full collection of 30 Info-Products and Tools are available with more being added.

  • PLUS you also acquire Resale Rights and can start making money as soon as you set it up.

  • Stop losing time and profits any more!

    Click Here To Order Now!

    To your success!

    Irena Whitfield

    P.S.: Licensing has opened up a whole new world of profits for me. I want it to do the same for you and your business. Donít miss out on the one marketing strategy that could make this your biggest year ever!

    Click Here to order right now!

    P.S.: We use a secure payment server. You'll be taken to a secure payment page operated by our billing processor ClickBank. You can pay by a credit card (or Paypal). Once your credit-card payment has been validated (which takes a few seconds), you can instantly download the entire package.

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